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Why is lovelorn is the best appreciation of women’s public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: white parasol Mei was lovelorn recently. She took me around to a cafe, no mouth, already broke down in tears. I quickly gave her a paper towel, I do not know how to comfort. I know, she’s been in love for a long time. Two people are working in the same company, but belong to different departments. From love to break up, a full four years, the equivalent of reading an undergraduate university. She cried and told me that her boyfriend with a female colleague in other departments on the. She also accidentally saw her boyfriend WeChat phone ambiguous dialogue, just know. The United States is very sad. In particular, she collapsed, the other colleagues in the office had long known that her boyfriend betrayed her. They were united to deceive her. She’s the last one to know the truth. Mei sat opposite me, cried tears. She said that she wanted to quit because she didn’t want to face the shameless face all day. If you don’t quit, she would have to endure all kinds of tattle and prate company colleagues, as well as that of bitches to go to the ambiguous ambiguous provocation. But she can not be reconciled. She thought it was her resignation, not the bastard’s resignation. The United States grew more and more gas. I advised her to calm down for a while. Don’t rush to make any decisions. Whether resigned or left, she should learn to say goodbye to the past. Sometimes, when we say goodbye to a broken relationship, all we need is time. Although we just broke up, heartache, especially the side that love the most, inevitably therefore sleepless, but we will have to look to the future. Life is hard, we have to smile. Smile in the face of someone said that loneliness is a person’s best appreciation period. And I want to say is, for women, lovelorn is actually the best appreciation period. Misfortune may be an actual blessing. What you lose from here will eventually be found elsewhere. Iuette also because of brokenhearted in tears all day, or even lost their jobs. It was not until she was so poor that she could not afford to pay her rent every month. She felt like she couldn’t go on like this. She burned all the gifts and letters to her predecessor, never have anything to do with the former. She found a friend to borrow money to report a study class, learning financial accounting. Adhere to fitness every day, put an end to staying up late and overeating. Every day she arranged the time in an orderly manner, the day was very full. When she has passed the accounting qualification certificate, she quickly found a job. In addition to her work, she is busy fitness, learning, training a variety of hobbies. Iuette’s face filled with a bright smile more and more confident, cheerful and optimistic. After the fitness get rid of a fat she shenqingruyan, have a devil of a slim figure. I heard that now the pursuit of excellent small boys lined up. When we fall in love, the best way is to turn grief into strength. We believe that, when we say goodbye to the wrong, ability and to meet. Lovelorn is a woman’s best appreciation period. In these days of love, you will gain weight相关的主题文章: