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Why is the man’s heart always cold so fast? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! This article from the WeChat amphitheatre public number "heart" the woman from WeChat public, "heart" from University at the moment in the open class All seats are occupied., Professor Dai has attracted many top students who came to listen to. Professor Dai, a man of great talent talents is humorous, soon left the classroom atmosphere to arouse the unusually warm. However, even when we were interested in the call enjoyable, a woman suddenly appeared to all this upset! Last name, you give me out!" The Professor Dai awkward in perfect silence, smiled, and went out with the woman. Then came two people in the corridor of conversation. 400 people in the classroom suddenly like no one, we are afraid to breathe the atmosphere, to listen to what happened in the end – you still want me? You’re getting a divorce. I agree! What do you want to do?" "The last name, you heartless bastard! I cried all day at home and you don’t even say a word! Turn around with nothing like people, but also to run this class!" "I can’t leave the students here." "It is more important than me! What is more important than me!" Does it matter what is important? We’re divorced now. I’m not obligated to you." "We haven’t done the procedure yet! You’re still my husband!!" "So what are you trying to do?" "I want to know your man why so cold!!!" The woman hysterical voice of the entire corridor shook humming. I have to go to class, I’ll go back and explain." "You have to tell me now, or you don’t want to go to class!!" Ten seconds of silence, after a moment, Professor Dai pulled the woman walked into the classroom. "You sit down and I’ll explain this to you in class." Professor Dai’s words, so that both eyes are 400 big eyes! Niu B ah! This is the legendary fan children? Blow a cow domineering side leakage! Students, we have just said, in this era of knowledge explosion, our ability is not reflected in their own understanding of how much knowledge. A person’s ability depends more on how he uses resources efficiently, and how to integrate the information quickly to help him solve the problem. Now we are going to experience, how should we deal with the problem in the information age? First of all, it’s embarrassing. It just happened. I need your help now, just my wife asked me a question: "the man asked, why so cold?" This is a topic of "gender differences, and the emotional world of the sexes", as a sociologist, I think there are certain limitations. However, you are the top students from each branch of the problem, I hope you from their professional point of view help me answer. 1. External performance of body structure leads to the body construction led to external performance after a long time, a boy at)相关的主题文章: