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Why not blocking some central repeated public funds in the mouth? – View – people.com.cn day ago, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection for public exposure of 6 from the central and state organs and cadres in violation of the provisions of the central eight mental problems of the emergency management department of the State Food and Drug Administration of the former director of Mao Zhenbin during the training of illegal organization of public funds banquets, by the party a serious warning, and was removed from office. (September 12th "people’s Daily") the eight Central provisions of the introduction of more than 3 years, why do not people do not converge to receive public funds to eat? The author believes that the key is not clear, some units of the discipline rules is not strict, the system implementation is not in place. Especially with the gradual normalization to implement the provisions of eight, some units have also led to some thoughts of relaxation, not remove toxins from the root of the thought of corruption of cadres, relapse, and showed his true colours. Is the so-called "regulations has been shelved into a" paper tiger "and" Scarecrow ", and added a mouse". Public funds not close hand convergence phenomenon has appeared, remind us of the anti-corruption struggle lasting deep going, we must learn the general secretary stressed that: anti corruption must unremittingly, must remain vigilant against corruption. Remember that "beetle public and wooden folding, large wall gap bad reason, maintain high vigilance against corruption, anti rot will never" appeasement brings disaster". To allow continuous high pressure anti-corruption party members and cadres to become a consensus. Some corrupt officials thought to cure ills, must grasp the use of good supervision and discipline of leading cadres to kill, for all the taboos, since breaking the heart of greed. Especially to let them realize, to do anything boundary, subject to supervision, must not be arbitrary, especially the line and not knowingly violate, unscrupulous. To stand in the hearts of self discipline and rules, do not go beyond the prescribed limit step. To have not yet closed into the cage power to conduct a thorough inventory. Public funds to eat and drink, indicating that the power has not been fully into the cage, there are considerable loopholes. Therefore, it is not yet closed into the cage of the power to conduct a thorough inventory, the clearance of the clearance, the strict yan. Let the leading cadres use power under the supervision of the masses. Only in this way, we can improve the deterrent force of the system, the formation of not rot, not rot, do not want to rot effective mechanism. To violate the rules of public funds to the specific person. Public funds to eat and drink is corruption. Therefore, never think the banquet is subordinate or public servants have to justify, and should be severely punished for repeated, the pick once firmly sacked, monkey show. Only to move really tough action, use the law of the line "seam" officials live public funds in the mouth, but also to make public funds, while the wind died down. (commissioning editor Dong Xiaowei and Wang Qian)相关的主题文章: