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Software Each business with .plex Inventory Management operations has its unique requirements, allowing you to lead on the market and grow. However Supply Chain Management System or its crucial part Warehouse Management might be pretty standard and not flexible enough to work just out of the box. Imagine the scenario, when you are selling finished goods, assembled from rolls of fabric, plastic, isolation materials. When you cut the roll its label should be updated, the way to achieve it is to process the part of the roll in your Bill of Material or even Manufacturing modules and then reprint the label for the roll, which is now shortened. Similar requirements might be needed in the WMS for Food ingredients inventory: powders, sugars, beverages and bottling. You may have food items delivery business on the consignment contracts, where you have to check out items every day and then write off whatever was not sold at your franchisee food stores or restaurants. We re.mend you the WMS which is modifiable and its logic is in fact Microsoft Dynamics GP native screens and objects, just exposed to Barcode scanning. There are several steps to consider in Custom WMS implementation: 1.Step One. Decide on the ERP platform (often referred as Corporate ERP). This step is outside of the scope in our publication, we simply assume that you are mid-size organization and you decided on Microsoft Dynamics GP or traditionally you deploy Great Plains Dynamics as your Corporate ERP and MRP application 2.Step Two. Have your Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner to work out on either picking appropriate GP add-on or suggest customization and its budget. There are numerous industry specific horizontals and verticals for Great Plains Dynamics GP, supported by Dynamics GP ISV partners as well as there are proven technologies for GP logic modification and extension 3.Step Three. Pick WMS, .patible with Microsoft Dynamics GP. There are two options to consider: External WMS with connectors to GP SOP, POP, Inventory modules and WMS Extensions to Dynamics GP, working directly out of GP database, transactions and master records. When you are picking WMS candidates, please be sure you posed the question on the customization support in the WMS, which you worked out on the Step Two with your Dynamics GP VAR 4.Step Four. Customization project for your WMS. If you picked External WMS, you will need to modify integration adapters. In the case of WMS extension, you typically decide how the new Microsoft Dexterity programmed screens, tables and altered logic could be incorporated into WMS extension 5.How to get further help? Please call us 1-866-528-0577, 1-630-961-5918, or email us [email protected] Our WMS solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP is extension and we are working with Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Manufacturing customers USA, Canada nationwide and internationally, where our consultants speak English, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Filipino. We also have Great Plains Dexterity and eConnect Software Development Factory to address WMS and Dynamics GP custom programming needs. Also, if you got External Sand Alone WMS solution integration failed, please do not give up and give us second chance to help you with Dynamics GP WMS implementation recovery About the Author: 相关的主题文章: