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"Wolf 2" Wu Jing brothers reunited Eddie Peng CP entertainment Tencent reproduction director Wu Jing’s "wolf 2" is like a raging fire shooting, yesterday, "junior" Eddie Peng a casual dress low-key appearance, Wu Jing "wolf 2" visit the set, so that the original "manly" full crew instantly rot feeling overwhelmed a lot of friends, said: This is the real CP. In the studio, the two seems to be "inseparable", sometimes goujiandabei, and discuss with each other, even in the work of Wu Jing, Eddie Peng will be in the "affectionate look", and behind as the film director Wu Jing also did not forget to pull a good photo in "wolf brother 2" standard car – tank mounts. According to Wu Jing revealed that Eddie Peng’s visit round trip for eight hours, despite the difficulties of the "visit" the way out of the brothers of the true feelings. Just two people in a separate network platform sweet interaction, Wu Jing taking high-profile propaganda: "cry", Eddie Peng has followed the reply: brother to take care of the body, it is autumn, wear more clothes. The two brothers commensurate with the relationship is not so simple, they not only in the cooperation of the movie fans were up to CP, in private life is often dating, watching movies, eating is essential to enhance the feelings of their project, even Wu Jing himself has admitted that they have embarked on a good bestie this road. It is not difficult to see, in the "wolf 2" shooting Wu Jing dark skin, copper skin tough atmosphere overflowing, and most people in the memory of Wu Jing, although the annual beat play but also is a "white little meat, a lot of love his fans called him martial arts circles Yan value play. Now Wu Jing has become the color, while the evolution of the life and career of entertainment typical, steady as his wife Xie Nan said: shooting a film in migrant workers. It is understood that the director Wu Jing for the filming of "wolf 2" long to set for home, and tanks with. But from his daily message, "life" seems to have been very satisfied, have lunch, there are comrades in arms, weapons, brothers, friends and fans and family support. Such a powerful backing group, is also to the "workaholic" Wu Jing threw himself into the film career best support.相关的主题文章: