Women play slot machine jackpot of $40 million casino called machine fault to Beijing –roxane hayward

Women play slot machine jackpot of $40 million casino called machine fault – Beijing to Beijing in November 1, according to Central News Agency reports, the United States of New York a woman playing slots in the casino, she displayed on the screen in more than 40 million U.S. dollars, but the casino said that this is a machine failure, only willing to ask her to eat a meal compensation. Reported that Bookman is a mother of 4, in August this year, she took a photo of the screen and slot machines in the world of New York Casino Resort Photos, displayed on the screen in her $42949672.76. Next people celebrate her, she also began to think how to share the money with my family. However, she was very happy to win the lottery. Bookman was taken away by the casino and told her to come back the next day to see how much she could take, but when she returned to the casino the next day, the casino said she didn’t win any prizes. The casino said machine failure, cloth machine’s play, the highest prize money is $6500. The casino would not give her any money, and would only ask her to eat a steak meal as a compensation. New York gaming board also identified machine failure. Bookman intends to sue the casino, Bookman’s lawyer said the casino to give at least $6500 to $. "When you lose the money machine, when should you win should pay money, do not want to pay is not fair".相关的主题文章: Falling into the abyss of the child we are far from precise prevention of juvenile delinquency-onavo protect

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