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The women’s 10 fingers to be sawed off traffic police to help hospital after surgery all live in an online Sohu News reported on November 4th, according to the Anhui daily news, a woman in Yingshang County of Fuyang city to work in factories, workers due to improper operation, the 10 fingers are cut off. Fortunately, saw the broken finger intact, in the local police department to help, the woman was sent to the hospital for the first time. After 21 hours of surgery, all of the 10 fingers. Data figure: the traffic police to clear the way for the ambulance women’s 10 fingers saw Zhang Mei (a pseudonym) is Yingshang County Sheng Tang people, 52 year old, working at a local factory. On the afternoon of October 26th, a sudden accident, so that Zhang Mei’s 10 fingers were all sawed off. On the same day at around 3 p.m., Zhang Mei moved on the board. At this time, the work of the workers accidentally pressed to the start button. Haven’t waited over Zhang Mei reaction, her hands are chainsaw compression plate under pressure. What happened next, let Zhang Mei pain almost fainted in the past. The compression plate is on the left chainsaw, machine was started, I was pinned to the fast chainsaw hands saw to." Zhang Mei recalls, "in a matter of seconds, 5 fingers of my left hand along the joints is sawed, the right hand palm was sawed along." With a scream, 10 fingers Zhang Mei all isolated. After the incident, the factory immediately sent her to the hospital for treatment. Due to the larger traffic incident, the workers on the road to Fuyang city traffic police detachment for help. To understand the situation, the police immediately before Zhang Mei sent to hospital. 21 hours of surgery was about to pick up the fingers of the day around 5 p.m., Zhang Mei was sent to China Railway Fuyang central hospital. The hospital director Tang Yangping hand surgery, surgical planning, open at the same time Easy Access, all departments actively cooperate with the hospital. Generally refers to the operation requires only 2 groups of health care workers, but the situation is more serious injuries, all the 10 fingers in vitro." Tang Yangping, director, according to her situation, the hospital arranged 4 groups of medical staff, each group of 3 people, to prepare for surgery." The 10 fingers severed fingers, each are in the amplification of 10 times microscope, connecting more than three 1mm in diameter of blood vessels and two nerves, considerable difficulty. For the injured with 10 fingers, but also for the first time since the founding of the hospital. In order to ensure the success of the operation, the original 15 hours of surgery, lasted for about 21 hours to end. Fortunately, however, due to the integrity of the fingers intact, and sent to the hospital in a timely manner, in the doctor’s efforts under the thumb of the success of replantation of fingers. According to doctors, the ten refers to life. In the future, the injured for 3 months to six months of rehabilitation exercise and physical therapy, the hands will gradually improve flexibility.相关的主题文章: