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Women’s menstrual period is best not to drink coffee, which is why? Sohu health in modern life, many female friends have the habit of drinking coffee. Experts say that coffee has a refreshing effect, usually drink some not what harm, but when drinking should also pay attention to some taboos, especially in the menstrual period, can not drink do not drink coffee. Because the female friend in the menstrual period system is relatively empty, so there are many taboos, coffee is one of them. Experts pointed out that the menstrual period of women is best not to drink coffee, because caffeine in coffee are irritating substances, if in before menstruation drink coffee can cause breast pain, anxiety, irritability and mood swings, while more reserves of vitamin B, thus destroying the carbohydrate intake in the menstrual period, if The new supersedes the old.; caffeine can the adverse consequences, because caffeine stimulates the nervous and cardiovascular, may cause dysmenorrhea and menorrhagia, menostaxis. In short, the menstrual period is a special period, the diet also requires special attention, don’t drink coffee, should not eat cold, hot and sour, alcohol and other irritating food, avoid overwork, drink boiling water, maintain defecate unobstructed, reduce pelvic congestion, pay attention to proper rest and nutrition, so as to be beneficial to the physical and mental health, to avoid the occurrence of gynecological diseases. Source: Zhejiang provincial health and family planning center相关的主题文章: