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Word days! Zhao Liying was written into the textbook of the goddess is the collocation operation textbook Introduction: Recently, some friends broke the goddess Zhao Liying have been written into the students’ after-school textbooks. Have to say, has been using the acting to conquer the audience’s efforts on the road of Zhao Liying, in the fashion to wear on the progress is obvious. Now the goddess of collocation, can be regarded as the hitchhiker’s Guide to wear Petite girls. (Editor: @ Gon Freecss Zhao Liying was written into the meat off) the after-school textbooks recently, some friends broke the goddess Zhao Liying has already been written into the students’ after-school textbooks, textbooks also have to say today is fashionable. In fact, in addition to continuous efforts to forge ahead in her career, Zhao Liying’s fashion road more walk more smoothly, the bone is like petite girls fashion guide. All show: classic black and white collocation is king Zhao Liying’s black and white Zhao Liying wearing a white sweater and black hot pants collocation Zhao Liying wearing knitted cardigan with black and white collocation can become a textbook, not only to be fashionable to wear, so that users can follow suit. One of the most obvious skills in Zhao Liying’s dressing is classic black and white. A dress with black and white, can adapt to a variety of occasions demand, is also the timeless classic blending. Black and white collocation recommended Maje white shirt 1487 yuan Alice + Olivia version 5064 yuan Aquazzura 5551 yuan collocation show: all shoes wear a ride to pull the high waist to wear strapless dress leggy goddess Zhao Liying Zhao Liying wearing suspenders skirt petite girls said, many sister paper are blunt can "change to the leggy goddess". Zhao Liying’s red carpet style for you to demonstrate a practical high skill, it is pulled high waist. Whether you wear a skirt or trousers, have to remember to choose high waist, waist, waist. Dress collocation Valentino dress 68568 yuan Prada shoes 6985 yuan Charlotte Olympia hand bag 8202 Yuan love single secret: want to change a girl must have beautiful sweater sweater sweater skirt collocation Zhao Liying Zhao Liying pants collocation in addition to the basic collocation skills, Zhao Liying has a less age artifact, it looks Plush pure cashmere sweater. Color collocation sweater skirt shape, instantly back to eighteen years old. Recently, Zhao Liying is still out of the airport tassel sweater in a dark jeans girl in the wind and collocation, has added a handsome. Sweater with recommended The Row white sweater 11793 yuan Stella McCartney half skirt yuan Adidas Originals white shoes 669 yuan相关的主题文章: