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Wuzhen, the hope of a better Internet world – Sohu science and technology today, the third world Internet Conference will be held in Zhejiang, Wuzhen. Over the past three years, along with the world Internet Conference permanently settled in Wuzhen, the ancient town of bridges and the modern network of modern fashion world has become a harmonious integration of the world into a beautiful card. The Internet is known as one of the greatest inventions in the 20 world. With the birth of the Internet, the life of mankind has undergone a revolutionary change, people have been living in the physical world, living in the physical and digital two world. The birth of the Internet to make a lot of impossible things become possible, with the help of the Internet, people’s lives are becoming more beautiful, convenient and efficient. However, any new things will inevitably have advantages and disadvantages, the Internet is no exception. With the rapid development of the Internet, the number of network crime is increasing, network security is threatening people’s pursuit of happiness and peaceful life. At the same time, the share of Internet resources is not equal, this should be common human enjoy, create human happy life of the Internet, is becoming some powerful forces and countries, establish unequal private treaty for personal gain. As one of the greatest inventions of the twentieth Century, the original intention of the invention of the Internet is undoubtedly in order to serve the good and happy life of mankind. A violation of the original intention, the invention of the Internet Internet abuse behavior, each of which has a sense of justice, yearning for a happy life, can also turn a blind eye, should not sit idly by. The world Internet Conference is born in such a background, and develops unceasingly, the purpose of which is to maintain a healthy and orderly Internet world, maintain fairness and justice in the world of the Internet, making the Internet better serve human life. From 2014 to date, the world Internet Conference has been held for three sessions, recalling the course of history, it is not difficult to find that the community to build a network of space is a constant theme. This topic accurately put forward that the Internet is a part of the community of human destiny, the Internet should be jointly managed by the human beings, jointly enjoy and jointly build. The construction of the community of destiny in the network world is to maintain the fairness and justice of the Internet world, embodies the pursuit of human beings and the pursuit of a better world of the internet. Over the past three years, the human yearning for a better world of the Internet, is the ancient town of Wuzhen into a reality. Jiangnan Town is fashionable and the Internet world, Wuzhen people’s life and the Internet has also been the world harmony. If the world Internet congress settled in Wuzhen, more consideration is the Wuzhen history and the Zhejiang Internet development advantages, so, today Wuzhen has undergone a qualitative leap, has become a beautiful name card of the Internet world, the Internet becomes the people to pursue the beautiful world of hope. (Jinyang Wen Xiang Xuping)相关的主题文章: