Xi’an, a site to put 12 million of the wages of migrant workers

Xi’an, a site to put 12 million of the wages of migrant workers

12 million yuan wages paid by our reporter Ma Zhao photo site

The newspaper news (reporter Jin

) the morning of January 18th, in the city of Xi’an Haifu city project site, a festive scene, Xi’an Qi Sen family estate development company held a grand "love you and I care for migrant workers" Spring Festival condolences activities. In the field of money, a total of 12 million yuan of cash bales stacked on the table in the Hu Yi District construction sector and the community sector witnessed by more than 300 years of hard migrant workers friends get their own salaries and bonuses, smiling.

"migrant workers is an important participant in urban construction, without them there is no city today’s beauty and comfort." According to the Xi’an municipal construction department, in order to make the hard work of the urban construction workers get paid on time, in recent years, government departments have been working hard to improve the mechanism. The construction and construction units from passive to active in the current issue, thanks to migrant workers, these is a reflection of the development and progress, and the functions of the government efforts toward the "proof waiter" forward, now basically eliminate arrears phenomenon. In October 2016, the construction department was established more than ten years began running disbanded, 2017 began withdraw from the stage of history. Migrant workers’ wage arrears phenomenon, by the Xi’an municipal urban construction, social public security and other seven departments of the "one" office to solve.

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