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Yao Ming charity list: Zhou Qi Wang Zhelin led war NBA dunk king Zhou Qi led against the Tencent in August 25th 2016 as a sports player Yao Foundation Charity tournament final to determine the list, in addition has been published before the United States Nike stars team list, China basketball star team also finally released the list. Li Nan will serve as head coach of the team, but the players, Zhou Qi, Wang Zhelin, Zou Yuchen etc. in the column, they will fight against all star dunk contest champion and runner up Zach Lavin and Aaron – Gordon led the NBA team. The men’s basketball team has just finished the Rio Olympics journey, players also ushered in a rare opportunity for rest, so the majority of players will not participate in this charity event, but Zhou Qi, Wang Zhelin and Zou Yuchen will attend, in addition to He Tianju, Zhao Yanhao and Zhao Dapeng will play the main team, or to the main Olympic team. While rival Nike stars Rui team is basic to the young players, the biggest surprise is the two consecutive slam dunk contest champion Zach Lavin in the dunk contest this year and also in the limelight – Aaron Gordon, two believe that God won’t let the fans down dunk. This year’s all star game will be staged in the evening of August 28th in the Strait of Fuzhou Olympic Sports Center, and in the past, ticket sales will be donated to the Yao foundation hope primary school basketball season "project, to support the development of physical education in rural primary school. The specific list of China Chinese Men’s Basketball Stars basketball star team coach Li Nan Team: Assistant Coach: Wu Qinglong 31 Wang Zhelin 19 Zheng Wu 16 weeks Qi Rong Hao Feng Jia Cheng Zhao Yanhao 20 17 30 14 15 Zou Yuchen Dapeng Zhao fan 6 10 Liu Zhenan 5 Tianju tzzy Min Ho 7 faxus 8 Cui chin Ming Li Jinglong 9 original 33 handsome Wu Qian 11 Liu Zhixuan 21 Hu Jinqiu 22 American occupation basketball stars Rui Tao Hanlin American Professional Nike Rising Nike team Stars Team (Nike Nike Rising Stars Team stars team) coach: Gore Blaine Goorjian Brian5 Ken Tarver Aus Caldwell (Kentavious Caldwell-Pope) – pop, 3 (Joe Young 39) Joe Yang Jeremy Grant (Jerami Grant), 4 Maurice hackley (Maurice Harkless), 1 Justin Anderson (Justin Anderson) 00 Aaron Gordon (Aa Ron Gordon) 8 (Zach Levine) Zach Levine 2016 Yao Foundation Charity tournament Yao Ming attended the launching ceremony of witty相关的主题文章: