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Yi: old educated youth do not work the old tube reading people called "White Terrier foot" core tip: I think of my hometown the old pipe farming called "Blackfoot stem", not labor scholar called "white foot stem", and today, carrying a hoe, clutching books, holding books. Carrying a hoe "Blackfoot Terrier", is a day more than a day. The girl stopped at the door and looked at us in surprise.   data extracted from the maple youth network, author: anonymous, original title: youth memories: female youth firmly under the rural farming refuse to state farm according to the schedule, we should leave the Baodi County of Hebei province. We to the well-known Xing swallow team and iron girl team sisters don’t reluctant to part the tunnels. The pack has good manager, can heartily won’t go. Listen to the county Propaganda Department Yang said, there is a girl named Hou Jun, villagers said her "special", we decided to look at the "special" girl. One morning, we came to the Shigezhuang commune bean bridge production brigade. A village, we will ask Hou where to live. The new house is building the village, people on the tiles on the roof, looking at the distant edge of an uncle said: "now what Hou Jun at home, not in the piece of land in which to work!" At this time, we have a group of children around, ask: "you are Hou classmates?" "You listen to the words of Chairman Mao to farming?" I asked the children not know hou? Love is not love Hou? The children all sorts of gossip, shouted: "how do we teach her what to sing." "Tell us a story." "She was a teacher in private schools." "She will weave" handlebar sleeve ", we have learned to."…… The child took us to a low cottage door draped lock, I hesitate, a little girl gently picked the lock, open the door said: "go in, the door never locked, hou to everybody to her room to play." I cross the door; this is a small stalk clip mud room, ceiling with corn stalk broken straw, paper windows ventilated place, the old seat film block, hut stove platform, the tank, hanging on the wall of the corn seed, the corner by one or two implements, and with a broken bricks put the bottles. It was a farmer live house, and too bare. Only the Kang on the corner of the sheet music, a harmonica, "how to write" the word art booklet, a new plastic cup, homemade insert chopsticks bag…… Show, the master of the house is not a "native" farming people. We just stepped in, there are several aunt aunt also crowding in. I heard them talk in singing: "what is right." "This is great." I come back to call: "aunt!" One carrying a little grandson aunt affectionately greeted us sit, asked: "this two comrades must pick Hou Jun?" I am one Leng, just do not know how to answer, thanks to this woman love to talk, a nagging down: "this girl really will be. I told her that you are here to eat this bitter, see above, one day you will be transferred to a large local cadres." I whispered mind straight, I passed many intellectual youth when the "new farmers".相关的主题文章: