You need Yang Mi’s warm overcoat for the sudden drop in temperature-govos

You need Yang Mi Zhang Tianai’s sudden drop in temperature this piece of warm coat review: the temperature dropped, the new airport Street actress have to wear winter clothes, give up foot, clothed, how warm and fashionable, may wish to follow them together to learn, Yang Mi, Zhang Tianai coats, Liu Shishi handsome baseball jacket. (content source: love beautiful Yang Mi Yang Mi) the weather turns cold, Yang Mi give up, put on a coat, coat collocation black on white pants, warrior shoes, handbags Green Corduroy is it. Big cousin’s show appeared on the streets of New York Liu Wen’s cousin show appeared on the streets of New York, wearing a white coat jeans her warm and casual, black pants with Martin boots, big legs thinner and longer, but the single shoulder bag pink girl betrayed her heart. Love husband cool cool love husband Zhang Tianai coming out of the airport in the airport, do not show legs instead of thick green army coat she nurtured many handsome, anti wearing baseball caps more street fan children. Liu Shishi Liu Shishi poetry girl is always very Jansen muffle, a Baseball Jacket sweater slim pants, casual and comfortable is her style of dress, or cannot do without the baseball cap, this warm and low-key look. The goddess finally appeared the goddess Gao Yuanyuan finally appeared, she is still love the warm coat behind the necessary scarf can not be less, pure white shirt jeans but let the whole lot of cool. Zhou Zhou, a printed dress appeared at the airport Xun Zhou Zhou childe appeared in a printed dress appeared in the airport, sweater dress is indeed suitable for winter wear, sports shoes and knitted hat with the very same. A sa a SA cool casual outfit of a SA seems to wear a low profile, carefully look at it is full of the tide, the color of the baseball jacket is Maje, black pants are Vetements, baseball cap is off-white. Christine Fan Christine Fan gave birth to the baby Christine Fan cut a neat short hair, wearing camouflage coat and slim black trousers is handsome not, it looks like she has regained a good figure. Xu Jiao Xu Jiao Xu Jiao girl wearing jeans Bib plaid shirt is very fresh, the Japanese fan children, the hands of the multi coat spare parts is very necessary. Ma Sichun Ma Sichun brother this pony plaid shirt with black pants nine baseball cap, relatively light, it seems that she just went to a warm place! Zhu Dan Zhu Dan Zhu Dan, the body is mainly warm and comfortable, concise set of pure black and white collocation personality, exile green is even more suitable for the current season to wear good-looking also.相关的主题文章: