Young people suffering from high blood pressure how to advocate vegetarianism

Young people suffering from high blood pressure how to advocate vegetarianism

said that high blood pressure, I believe many people want to be the first time the elderly, because the elderly have a high probability of suffering from high blood pressure. Today, however, we’re not talking about older people with high blood pressure, but young people with high blood pressure. At this point, there should be a question: young people also suffer from high blood pressure? However, young people really get high blood pressure. Today Xiaobian to introduce the reasons for young people with high blood pressure and young people how to do high blood pressure method. Do not know a friend quickly look at it.

young people with high blood pressure causes

for many people, it is not known that young people are suffering from high blood pressure, so it is impossible to know what causes young people with high blood pressure. The following small series to introduce young people do not cause hypertension.

1, pressure, mental tension

pressure, mental stress is the main cause of hypertension. In the past, accounting, drivers and other minority occupation because of pressure, mental tension and high prevalence of hypertension, but now in the social transition period, people apart from the pressure of work, but also from the family, such as housing, education and employment, Car Buying medical security and so on, pressure everywhere. Pressure, mental stress, will also cause sympathetic excitement, vasoconstriction, leading to elevated blood pressure.

2, obesity, overweight

obesity, overweight is also an important cause of hypertension. Previously, the degree of mechanization is not high, people’s activity is large, obesity, overweight is rare. Today, mechanization, high degree of automation, do not need to work hard, living conditions are good, overweight, obese patients everywhere. Obesity leading to metabolic disorders, fat accumulation, hardening of the blood vessels, leading to elevated blood pressure. A lot of patients with hypertension, treatment of weight loss is very important auxiliary means.

3, stay up late

stay up late is now a lot of people will have a phenomenon, some people stay up late to work, some people are playing the game to stay up late, but also some people are chatting to stay up late, anyway, there are a lot of staying up late. And stay up late will usually lead to people’s sleep is not sufficient, resulting in nerve excitability, vasoconstriction, resulting in the rise of blood pressure, resulting in high blood pressure.

4, bad habits

as a hobby smoke wine, tobacco harm to blood vessels mainly from nicotine, nicotine can cause vascular smooth muscle contraction, leading to high blood pressure. After the cessation of smoking in patients with hypertension, low pressure will directly drop 5~10 mm hg. The alcohol will make the artery hardening, reduce the elasticity of blood vessels, and ultimately lead to high blood pressure.