Yuanwang 5 successfully completed the Beijing Tiangong two sea control task in-actv

Yuanwang 5 successfully completed the "Tiangong two" sea control mission – Beijing Beijing Pacific Yuanwang 5 ship on 17 September, (Chen Guoling Wei Long) Yuanwang 5 ship "Tiangong two" sea control task has been successfully completed. 22 September 15th 04, "Tiangong two" launch, flight about 10 minutes into the control range of ship Yuanwang 5. Yuanwang 5 ship captain Li Haihong 17, told reporters: "Yuanwang 5 ship from the target to the end of track, track a cumulative total of 366 seconds, sending command 44, the successful completion of Tiangong two orbit segment sea task." Li Haihong said, in the center of the ship engine room, data processing server solution treatment on a group of measurement data, and quickly sent to the Beijing Aerospace Control Center, to ensure that the measurement ship and task center accurate information exchange. After the completion of the first lap of the monitoring and control tasks, the ship immediately maneuvering nearly 200 nautical miles, the successful completion of the new measurement points in the operation of the ring of the sea survey and control tasks of the twelfth. In the task, Yuanwang 5 ship target acquisition and tracking stability, timely, correct, the telemetry data transmission quickly, with the pink of perfection’s performance as "Tiangong two" was successfully launched into orbit to provide effective support for sea control. According to the Yuanwang 5 Boat China satellite Maritime Tracking and Control Department equipment security minister Lv Shaohua introduced this year, Yuanwang 5 ship has successfully completed 5 sea control tasks, the follow-up will perform multiple tasks and continuous sea. Yuanwang 6, No. 7 ship will be sailing, and ship Yuanwang 5 maritime monitoring network, to meet the China Aerospace Engineering intensive launch challenges. Chinese satellite Maritime Tracking and control department was founded 41 years ago, Yuanwang fleet has 101 measuring expedition successfully completed the 138 oceans, sea control mission, a total range of about more than 235 nautical miles, equivalent to more than 100 laps around the earth, a total of 12000 offshore operations of Yu Tian, and the success rate was 100%. (end)相关的主题文章: