Yunnan cultural industry planning the introduction of 13th Five-Year will create a new network of si

The cultural industry in Yunnan "13th Five-Year" the introduction of planning to build six leading industries – Beijing new network in Kunming in November 24, (Li Cuifang) the day before, "Yunnan cultural industry" 13th Five-Year "development plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") formally introduced. 24, Yunnan Province, the full-time deputy director of the office of Liu Rong in the interpretation of the "planning" said, "13th Five-Year" period, Yunnan province will focus on creating news publishing services such as the six leading industry, to 2020, the cultural industry has become a pillar industry of the national economy. Yunnan Province, the production office full-time deputy director Liu Rong introduced the "planning" in the general idea, space layout, key industries, security measures have to reflect the integration of the development of tourism and cultural industries; and strive to "planning" a major project for support, project implementation of the main. "Planning" proposed, to promote the integration of culture industry and tourism industry, and enhance the cultural quality of tourism, to promote tourism consumption and cultural production; to promote cultural industries and the integration of science and technology, the development of new formats of cultural industry; promote cultural industries and financial integration, strengthen the cultural industry development financial support; the construction of a number of creative park. Foster a number of competitive enterprises, to create a number of influential brand, cultivate a group of specialized talents. "Planning" clear, will focus on creating news publishing services, radio and television film services, cultural tourism, leisure and entertainment industry service culture information transmission industry, cultural and creative design services and folk crafts industry of six leading industries. Liu Rong explained that the classification of culture and related industries released by the National Bureau of Statistics "(2012) the culture industry is divided into 10 categories, including 50 categories and 120 small classes, each class has a corresponding code of national economy. On the basis of "planning", combined with the actual integration of Yunnan cultural industry development, this paper puts forward the development of the six leading industries. In the space layout, "planning" proposed, Kunming City, the capital city of science and technology, play the advantages of information, talents and polymerization, incubation, radiation function, development of news media industry, focusing on publishing printing industry, creative design industry, cultural industry, information transmission of audiovisual industry, exhibition industry; other states (city) based on their advantages in resources, the development of national culture and leisure entertainment industry, focus on the dance performing arts industry folk crafts industry and jewelry industry etc.. "Planning" also proposed to promote the core area, gathering area, radiation driven key cultivation area "three zones linkage", and Wuhua, Kunming, Guandu, Chenggong Panlong, Xishan "core radiation zone", a group of strong industrial foundation is solid, the advantage is obvious "aggregation driven zone", and a number of resource rich and prominent features of the "focusing on cultivating area". Yunnan is a province with the largest number of ethnic minorities, the largest ethnic autonomous areas, and the largest number of ethnic minorities. All ethnic groups have their own rich cultural resources, so that Yunnan has become a multi-ethnic cultural province. In recent years, Yunnan based on the national culture the advantage of rich resources, the rapid development of cultural industries, Yunnan province has become another big emerging industry after tobacco, biology, hydropower, mining and tourism, the contribution rate of economic growth in the forefront of the country, also)相关的主题文章: