Yunnan Temple Grottoes carved Buddha head broken was damaged a visit ca1834

Yunnan Temple Grottoes carved Buddha head broken was damaged to a visit to the original title: Yunnan Temple Grottoes have been involved in the investigation of serious damage to the official treatment on the morning of 10, the upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporters from Anning City of Yunnan Province Tourism Bureau learned that, according to leaked online fahua Temple Grottoes damaged, the Bureau, Department of has been involved in the investigation, and will be based on the relevant circumstances, released results. Micro-blog screenshot at 9:11 on the 10, sina Yunnan local well-known blogger @ live Yunnan broke the news that the Kunming version of the Longmen Grottoes, the frequency of destruction. It is reported that the temple is situated in the east of Yunnan Province, Kunming Anning City five km Luoyang foothills, formerly known as Sleeping Buddha Temple, grotto art. The rock above, the ancient cave Grottoes carved stone Qibu, more respect, different shapes, true to life is one of the ancient ethnic minority areas, few of the grotto art in China, 1965 was listed as the provincial key cultural relics protection units. Broke the news information display, the temple grottoes, the Buddha’s head was cracked, and was painted on the hideous pattern of practical joke, exquisite calligraphy "night" cliff, completely covered by a graffiti. Kunming is the only stone Buddha, is difficult to count the erosion of graffiti to outrageous proportions. At present, they are beyond the supernatural acceleration step by step toward extinction, if not effectively protected, its ultimate fate is not forgotten, but directly be destroyed on one day. With the news is also equipped with 9 pictures. Upstream news reporter noted that the 9 picture is the temple Grottoes close ups, you can clearly see from the close-up statues of the head of the artificial notch, and other artifacts. Especially in a stone, there are people who left their names. And in another place before the statue was carved Buddha, with the fate and the tour souvenir "traces. Then, the upstream journalists and Anning City of Yunnan Province Tourism Bureau relevant responsible person understands, found online exposure of the fahua Temple grotto damaged after the Bureau has been involved in the investigation, and will be released in a timely manner according to the relevant circumstances, treatment results. Save Save Save editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: