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Zhang Jizhong’s wife was traced derailed son bite the man kept mistress with an illegitimate child of Zhang Jizhong and fan Xin man all star on August 30th, broke the news that the famous producer Zhang Jizhong’s wife fan Xin man derailed son Xiao Qi, and Fan Xiao said two people are trying to transfer Zhang Jizhong served as president of the "cultural property company" jamie. Subsequently, Zhang Jizhong son Xiao Qi publicly denied having an affair with fan Xin man, said people do day in perspective, malicious slander others can only become a joke. Zhang Jizhong and his wife Fan Xinman also said the derailment rumors false, saying that this year, to be a normal decent people, it should not be difficult, right? All the reporters who called me were invited to the". Sorry, I can’t guide Xiao, silence. Keep on working hard." Subsequently, fan Xin man and Xiao Qi also come forward to clarify the matter. Separated for many years, master for separated years count derailed irrefutable evidence that the media say two people separated for 10 years, but in the WCC interview, Zhang Jizhong’s wife Fan Xinman said he and Zhang Jizhong have been separated for 3 years, over the years in the face of her husband derailed, he had to suffer in silence, in early 2014, she has got the evidence Zhang Jizhong derailed and even now (mistress) and Zhang Jizhong lived in his house. And he actually several years ago has separated from Zhang Jizhong: "he made a lot of bad things, said there are more shame on him, I feel shy to say, all the troubles, 09 when he is not at home, the old business, and since then he did not go home the Spring Festival holiday. The 10 year is completely not at home, always living in the United States, then I think his heart is broken, is no longer the person, so I thought at home for two years." Fan Xinman said that as early as 2010, he found that there is a problem in the heart of Zhang Jizhong! She said, Zhang Jizhong film twenty years, often dating a girl, and always went to the United states. Only later did he know that he raised a third child in the United States and gave birth to an illegitimate child. Fan Xin tendril also said, it is said that the little girl 31 years younger than his surname surnamed Du, called Du Xinglin (sound), they also married in Las Vegas." But after years of separation, I never thought about a divorce. Fan Xinman said: "there are reasons for divorce, or to money, either to start a new marriage, but I more than two things are not interested in money, I never had a dispute, but not without ability, I can say no generous heart, feel it is (female) is his private life with him, shortly before I took him to wash the cup, underwear and coat away, because look really disgusting, but never thought of breaking things, because something is innocent." As for why Zhang Jizhong will divorce, fan Xin man said excitedly: "probably because the Du Xinglin (sound) the reasons for it, then leave it, I cannot also take into account your older to keep going, since you so much from." For Zhang Jizhong’s illegitimate child, fan Xin man said they love their children, but also feel that this little boy is cute, "if Zhang Jizhong regardless of the child, I will, I even stray dogs are adopted more than and 20, let alone a child." Zhang Jizhong fish for fame, bad character.相关的主题文章: