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Zhejiang Lishui militia commander Hua Yujun lost his wife still engage in a new network – Rescue: accident rescue scene. He Jiangyong photo pictured: a villager home disaster scene. He Jiangyong photo Beijing, September 30 Lishui Xinhua (reporter He Jiangyong correspondent Luo Zhengran) September 30th morning 5 am, Zhejiang city of Lishui province Suichang county north of town armed minister Cai Rongjian in the WeChat group to remind, request the militia rushed to get up early, typhoon "catfish" impact of landslides Su Haruki village natural village the mission. Soon, the North Village militia commander Hua Yujun in the group secretary, please leave a message "morning." Minister Cai replied, "Yu jun! Restrain one’s grief and accord with inevitable changes! Hold on!". 28 afternoon, Hua Yujun wife back 13 kilometers away Home Su Village, 17 pm the same day, Hua Yujun engaged in electrical work earlier than usual at the end of the day, braving the rain lashing back home do housework. In the end of the meal he was about to eat when the mobile phone rang, the call, just listen to the sound the northern boundary of the town armed minister Cai Rongjian eagerly pass phone: "Yu Jun, I travel in the field, just got the news, Su Village landslides, houses collapsed and lost contact with the masses, please give me the emergency rescue team carrying supplies and equipment to the rescue militia." This phone, not as good as a thunderbolt, that moment, a blank mind, and soon returned to god. No larrysalibra after notice of the town militia emergency squad members with the fastest speed to Su Village on. The car in the winding road along the creek on the struggling, Hua Yujun through the window that morning, also deep knee length stream had receded. This unusual case made him aware of the situation is not good, is certainly the mountain landslides blocking the flow path, the formation of lake. He called his wife on the phone. At the moment, he did not dare to think, but constantly urged the militia, the car quickly. For two hours, Hua Yujun and more than 10 militiamen rushed to the Su Village, can be in front of the scene so that he almost slumped on the ground, mother-in-law house do not see a trace, block up by landslide debris. Strong spunks up hard climb on the lake embankment, look down, half the village has been razed to the ground, there are only several roof exposed. Competition for a minute, is to be buried for the masses to fight for a life of hope. At this time, Cai Rongjian and call, in order to ensure that after the rescue of large forces into the smooth start, the generator and other lighting equipment to be carried to the collapse of the lot. Small home and everyone, difficult choice. But the militia is the "soldiers", at this moment, he is really understanding what it means to "soldiers". He did not hesitate, together with the militia to lift the generator along the muddy path to the landslide lot forward. 21 PM, generators and other lighting equipment transport is completed, at this time, as the ink, blinding. Often came to the home of the mother, the landslide topography of the mountain Hua Yujun is very familiar with the wings of the jungle, rugged terrain, no way up the mountain. He realized that it was necessary to open up a trail as soon as possible to facilitate the relief of the terrain. Put down the pain, his clothes had been wet, Hua Yujun handheld logging)相关的主题文章: