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Zhiyuan ship cabin found in more than 120 pieces of cultural relics, calligraphy and painting, people.com.cn original title: Zhiyuan ship cabin more than 120 pieces of cultural relics found in the original title: "more than 120 pieces of cultural relics found Zhiyuan ship cabin" (Figure) Dandong City, Liaoning Province, the official 8 publicly informed of the latest water on the Northern Navy Zhiyuan ship archaeological survey progress, archaeologists found more than 120 pieces of cultural relics in the cabin. August 1, 1894, China and Japan declared war. After more than 1 months, the Japanese Navy in the main the Yellow Sea Dadonggou sea encounter, the outbreak of Sino Japanese naval battle. On the same day, according to archaeological survey of key projects in the conference Chinese underwater team leader Zhou Chunshui introduced, in 2013, the Sino Japanese naval battle Dadonggou waters of Dandong, found a suspected Qing Dynasty of the Northern Navy battleship, named "Dandong". From the beginning of August 1, 2015, underwater archaeologists lasted 67 days, diving into the seabed to explore a large area of the ship structure. Generally, the thickness of the steel plate side body of about 1 cm thick at most three overlapping layers of steel is about 10 cm, with rivet connection, central arc is a dome structure. On both sides of the ships are equipped with square port. The archaeologists found investigation under the water, because the sea damaged and several rescue, the ship’s boilers and other parts have been left in situ, intact cabin is not found, but the cabin still buried in the sediment below. Most parts of the ship have burned traces, retained some difficult to burn the metal, the overall poor preservation condition. In the investigation of ancient personnel in the cabin of senior high school entrance examination found 60 species, more than and 120 pieces of cultural relics, relates to ship components, weapons, personal items in three categories. Including the archaeologists in the hull front port, found a pile without excessive scattered wood, found with Zhiyuan seal from china. In view of this discovery Zhiyuan ship evidence, Zhou Chunshui said earlier in the Dalian Zhuanghe area to find the Northern Navy by locking the the Yellow Sea sea optima, and the "Dandong No.1" super Yong ship or ship and Zhiyuan through some physical evidence unearthed, the survey results have been close to Zhiyuan ship. The archaeologists to investigate the "noble-minded" seal and other important cultural relics, is still unable to determine the overall salvage time. Dandong port and other relevant departments have taken effective measures to prevent the occurrence of theft or vandalism. Zhiyuan ship is the fastest cruiser of the Northern Navy battleship. In September 17, 1894, Zhiyuan will try and ammunition after battering, Deng Shichang ordered the tube with rushed to the Japanese fleet battleship Yoshino, desire and enemy troops, was unfortunately hit the enemy exploded and sank the ship officers and soldiers 246 people in martyrdom. Author: Zhu Mingyu source: China News Agency (commissioning editor: Dong Zilong and Lu Jing)相关的主题文章: