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Zhongshan truck driver 2 yuan hit precision single note Shuangseqiu 210 thousand yuan prize – Sohu in late October 30th, the double chromosphere 2016127th lottery, the current lottery numbers: 07, 12, red 17, 26, 29, 31, 16: basketball. Current, is located in Zhongshan City, Shiqi District Hua Bai Village No. 16 No. 44110102 lottery betting station in a 1 note single note bonus 219 thousand yuan for the two prize winning the lottery is a 2 yuan note optional unitary lottery number 1.     recently, winning lottery Zhang (a pseudonym) in the sister who came to the Zhongshan City Welfare Center for awarding procedures. It is understood that Mr. Zhang is a senior lottery a decade old color, is always optional number, never machine selection. Mr. Zhang worked as a delivery driver, often travelled to Zhongshan to the high streets and back lanes in supermarkets and convenience stores have a free time delivery, halfway to the betting station will sit for a while, just write a few numbers to buy lottery tickets, so stick to light the scene as summer goes and winter comes, more than ten years. Mr. Zhang believes that a lottery is way to add some fun to daily life, but also want to try my luck, if not winning can make a contribution to social welfare undertakings, often with kindness will always be good news. The morning of October 29th, Mr. Zhang delivered on the way passing 44110102 lottery betting station, they intend to buy a few lottery. Into the betting station, Mr. Zhang looked at the chart, and soon with the feeling selected 1 note, 07, 12, 17, 26, 29, the number of bets. The afternoon of October 31st, Mr. Zhang to buy lottery betting station, out of the buy lottery sales check, "please go to the center of the display of awarding" words, the salesman quickly check again the lottery, then said happily: "congratulations to Mr. Zhang in the two prize at the welfare lottery center Duijiang". Mr. Zhang at this time to know that he was lucky to get a prize of more than 210 thousand yuan. Talking about how to use the bonus, Mr. Zhang said that after winning the first thing is to give home replacement point of new appliances and new furniture for the family to improve the living environment. In addition, his daughter will soon go to secondary school, ready to come up with some of the bonus as her daughter’s education fund, I hope her daughter to school.相关的主题文章: