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Zhou Hongyi Wuzhen talk about the United States off the network: China and the United States to fight to build a community of cooperation – Sohu technology in the network attack no country can become bystanders, survivors, are victims". During the 360 Wuzhen World Internet Conference, chairman and CEO Zhou Hongyi in October on the east coast of the United States network paralysis event said, and said that the United States broke the net for China and the US, is the confrontation to cooperation, is the fate of the community to build a network of space opportunities. November 16th, the third world Internet Conference opened in Zhejiang, Wuzhen. The president Xi Jinping on the day of the video speech: "the development of the Internet is without borders, boundaries, using and developing the Internet, good governance must deepen international cooperation in cyberspace, cyberspace to build a community of destiny." 360 the company is in Wuzhen to attend the world internet conference chairman and CEO Zhou Hongyi, yesterday and today in numerous interviews but also very much agree with President Xi’s speech, Zhou Hongyi said: "for 360 of such a security company, based in cyberspace community of destiny must be safe, like President Xi, a gentleman the basic service, all of our network and social life must be based on the security." Background – event – October 21st, the east coast of the United States had a large area of Internet disconnection events led to hundreds of important web site Twitter, Amazon, Wall Street journal cannot be accessed, mainly public services, social networking platform, the public network service paralysis. It is understood that hackers, control of the world’s about one hundred thousand intelligent hardware devices, consisting of a botnet, the United States Internet domain name service provider DYN DDoS attacks, leading to the disaster. The broken network events, 360 monitoring Tracking Botnets according to the following Zhou Hongyi interview arrangement in Wuzhen: the establishment of the rules of the game to Internet security, strengthen communication and avoid misjudgment in October 21st accused the United States attack, in fact, as early as August 360 of the global network attack warning system has been perceived, discovered and try some of the early change of flow using the camera to attack. So in September 360, specially in the security industry issued a report that the network attacks on the use of camera warning. As a result, in October after the DDoS attacks, some U.S. intelligence agencies and the network management mechanism and 360 were communication, 360 to each other to provide some information, plays a very important role in the whole network event coordination and checking in. As President Xi said in a speech in the video, the network space to build a community of destiny, we must deepen international cooperation in cyberspace, so between the nations and network to establish the rules of the game, how to strengthen communication and avoid misjudgment, reduce mutual accusations. In the past, once the United States suffered an unknown cyber attack, it will be said that either China or Russia dry. The network attacks, the botnet is controlled by the IOT device, there is a very.相关的主题文章: