Zu Jiaze served as ambassador sunshine 2016 International Marathon in Shanghai-remonstrate

Zu Jiaze served as ambassador sunshine leader of the 2016 Shanghai International Marathon – Beijing, Beijing, November 5, 2016 days ago, the Shanghai international marathon run, "super slimming king" title was invited as the sun Ze Zu ambassador, to participate in the marathon race, and won medals. You know two years ago, or nearly a progenitor Jiaze 300 pounds of fat. Later participate in weight loss reality show "super weight loss king," 100 days to lose weight to win the championship of 109. Speaking as Ctrip ran group to participate in the Shanghai International Marathon, he said: "my weight loss story and experience a few years to adhere to exercise, to a lot of people this energy, hold to the ruthless will and Marathon Challenge the spirit of self is very similar, the organizers should think I can give you some something positive energy, to encourage everyone to come outside, a lot of movement." But why talk will begin to run a marathon, Jia Ze Zu said: "I love to see" the true story of Agam ", Agam in the movie what are not, only know intuitively on the road constantly running, he ran his childhood and classmates ran the college football field ran the war Vietnam ran a ping-pong diplomacy of the battlefield, all over the United States, and eventually went to his high life. Running makes people happy, over layers of obstacles. I hope so, I went to the motherland, high life. In fact, every man is his own life the marathon protagonist, as long as there is a go ahead to heart, never give up! Measured by the footsteps of the world, life will have more unexpected harvest!"相关的主题文章: